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Help with Refund


Hi there, I am first time buyer on Fiverr. I cancelled 2 orders since they did not do the gig.

I am not seeing the money showing up on my Fiverr balance. I submitted a request to customer support but I have not heard back. Based on what I read on their FAQ section, the refund is supposed to go to your balance and show up next to your name on the site.

What should I do?


Did the sellers accept your cancellation request?
You are not able to simply cancel on your end without their (or customer support) agreement. If you have submitted a cancellation request and the seller does not respond then it will automatically cancel after 2 days.
The only exception to this is if an order runs very late, you may then cancel immediately.


For the first cancellation, the seller initiated it since she stated she could not complete the order due to personal issues.I accepted the cancellation and this showed up: ORDER CANCELLED BY MUTUAL AGREEMENT.

The second order was very late, so I cancelled. This showed up: Payment for this order was refunded to your payment method.But I am not seeing proof of a refund.

That’s what I am confused about.


OK, both of those reasons should have seen the money come back straight away.
Go to customer service and explain what you have said here and they should help get it fixed. Be aware it can take up to 48 hours for a response but usually it is less than 24. Don’t submit multiple tickets though, they hate that :slight_smile:


Thank you. I submitted my query so I am waiting for a response from customer support. I hope they can clarify my refund status.


Customer support just responded! They informed me that it was refunded to my credit card so it will take atleast 48 hours to show up in my balance. I guess I will just have to confirm with my credit card company.

I thought it was going to show up in the shopping balance but this is much better.


Wow, that is unusual!


Wow this is something new! Didn’t you pay with Paypal? I didn’t know we could pay with a credit card directly to fiverr.



I don’t use PayPal on 5r or anywhere else unless I have to. I use my business credit card to make purchases here directly.

It’s been that way since I made my first purchase.


Yes, I had two options to pay, either PayPal or my credit card.

I recently deleted my Paypal account so had to use my credit card.
It seems it is a bit harder for paypal users to get their refund on Fiverr.