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Help with rejected work

A couple of days ago, a buyer rejected my delivery because, according to him, I did the EXACT OPPOSITE of what he asked me to do, which is of course untrue and ridiculous. I mean, how do you even end up doing the exact opposite of what the client wants? Specially with such a straight-forward gig? (Proofreading)

I tell him I am genuinely confused by his reaction and that I don’t understand why he’s saying that. I ask him what can I do to help him and how can I modify the work so he’s satisfied with it.

…Aaaaaand that’s the last I’ve heard of him. That was 5 days ago and the order is still in the “rejected and waiting for modification” status. The client has become unresponsive and he isn’t answering my messages. What should I do? Should I ask for a mutual cancellation? I don’t want this to affect my ratings.

Maybe the seller was looking for a particular style of writing such as formal/ informal . colloquial/ scholarly?

Sometimes, these kind of things are obvious from the text, sometimes not. This is maybe something you could ask him.

When he does not respond at all, I would go for the mutual cancellation, because in my view, that does the least harm.

You would not want to have an actual thumbs down from such an experience!

I would love to offer advice but in a case when buyer doesn’t respond is kind of hard to complete the order, if you complete it he can leave negative review… However if you know that he’s not even accessing his account the order will be completed in 3 days. Again the raitngs can still be negative.

A mutual cancellation I would go with.

Best fo luck,

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If you wish to save your ratings then I would suggest don’t wait further just cancel the order as this is what Buyer wants and making several excuses to annoy you. Please don’t let this demoralize you.