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Help with SEO tittle

Hello im here to ask about SEO title. The question is can i use keywords like this? and they will be disconnected from eachother? or even if i put ‘’,’’ between they are still connected and i have to use just 1

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Pinterest is a Different marketplace so you cannot this tag to push your GIG URL. :man_facepalming:


Having multiple words is fine if you have commas in between, as you have.

Some buyers may want someone to make a post for their Pinterest, kind of like how people have services on WordPress or for Instagram posts.

Wait, are commas necessary to separate SEO title words that are not meant to be blobbed together even if there is a space between the words?

Have I been shooting myself in the foot this whole time?

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its just a random screenshot it doenst mean that i will use tags like this i just wanted answer for my question

yea im also looking for a answer for that question hope we will get it

That’s… actually an interesting question. I double-checked the Fiverr Help and Education Center page,

went into a gig to see what the help box said,

and even checked the tags help box.

I didn’t find anything conclusive, though… when you first click the [Upgrade SEO] option, it auto-inserts your title. Most people don’t have commas in their title. Plus the name of that box is ‘SEO title’ (and not ‘additional space for additional tags’). There’s also the interesting note of the 50 character limit (as opposed to the title’s 80), which would imply condensing the title and cutting the fluff.

This is just my opinion, but based on what I gathered: don’t put tags in the title. Keywords sure, but tags have their own spot, and it’s not there.

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