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Help With SMS Verification

HELP- ACTIVE BUYER HERE- I recently changed my phone number and completely forgot about the SMS notification process here on Fiverr. So I requested a password change and I get an email message with a link to verify my identity via SMS. Of course, the notification is now going to a number I no longer have access to. Once I log in I can update my profile to the new number but for now, my business account is unusable.

I have two accounts, a personal one and a business one. I can log in on my personal…which is allowing me to post this request for help but I cannot log into my business account. Does anyone have any suggestions??? I have literally hundreds of gigs that I have purchased on the business account and now have no way to communicate with those gig providers…many of them excellent, nor do I have the ability to access old deliverables. GRRRRRR!

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Fiverr Customer Support can be reached though

(Sorry, can’t be of further help.)

Welcome to the Fiverr forum

Don’t worry, contact customer support. They will help you make it happen. one of my friends had a similar problem and support fix this issue in no time. if you cannot access your account, use email