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Help with traffic analytics on google?


Hey Guys,

I’m currently aplying to Adsense, made website, made it okay looking, and bought from few sellers organic traffic…

So they send me links to google analytics, i enter site there, and it gives me shortened URL.
Shows traffic visited website - 0, each time i add my website it’s showing visits - 0.

Is there any chance to look all traffic for my ORIGINAL URL? not shortened urls? cause it’s too confusing, i can’t understand where should i check for full info about traffic on my website.



Before you spend loadsa money trying getting traffic to get Adsense revenue, perhaps take a look through this guide to traffic buying from a traffic seller.

Set up Google Analytics on your site to give you your info.
It is easy to do yourself or you could hire a seller to do it.


In order to see the traffic in Google Analytics or for example Statcounter, you need to implement the code they give you into the code of your website. The best places to do that are the footer or header, in order to make sure that every page of your website is covered in the analytics.
If you don’t implement the code there will nothing be measured, even if you have tons of visitors.
Seen the fact that you are confused I assume that you are not familiar with the implementation of the code.
Both Google and Statcounter have the tools to guide you through that process.