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Help! Withdrawals Frozen

Hey folks, just looking for some sound advice really:
I’ve been a seller here for around 3 years now, have completed over 800 gigs and have lots of repeat buyers, my ratings are great, everything had been going smoothly.

Last week I received a large order from a buyer, the order was delivered, the buyer gave me a 5 star rating and offered me further future work.

The next day, however, the buyer did a complete U-turn after asking me to pay out of my own pocket to host the files externally for a period of time on their behalf. Obviously I refused to do so as this was out of the remit of the work. The buyer then changed tune and stated that I was a swindler and that they wanted a refund and tried to claim that the work had not been completed. Some curt remarks were exchanged to which I stated that the buyer was a “Scammer”. Further to this, the buyer implied that they had sway at Fiverr, stating “You are irrelevant, I spend thousands on Fiverr…we’ll let Fiverr decide the outcome…” A veiled threat I’m sure you’ll agree.

Surely, I thought, surely, Fiverr can see that I have delivered the full files as requested and, aside from some provoked unsavoury comments (repeated more than 20 fold from the buyer) surely, they would see sense and justice in this matter.

They did and agreed that, although my professionalism lacked slightly and that my language and use of words was not very becoming, or indeed professional, that this matter was resolved and I indeed was entitled to the funds as all the work had been completed and delivered…

I go to withdraw my funds today and I am unable to do so.

apparently several customers have complained at my service, none directly to me, and that I am not to contact fiverr support until
“I suggest you to go over all your recent orders and messages to look for any unsatisfied buyer and to make sure to satisfy them before contacting us again”

Again, this has not happened ever! It seems suspiscious that after this buyer threatened me this happens now, more than suspicious, outright foul play! There are hundreds waiting to be withdrawn and I rely on my Fiverr income as a full time job, it has been reliable and a great source of income for over two years now although i do withdraw the money as i earn it as i am a single parent. I can not wait 7 days to with draw the money I have honestly and rightfully earned and I’m literally in tears trying to figure out what to do. Fiverr support are so hard to contact, I’ve replied to the ticket but why are the actua doers, the one’s one which Fiverr hangs it’s hat, why are we offered nothing but punishment for working hard. ny advice is greatly appreciated.

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man…that got to hurt…idk what advice to give since I just started Fiverr last saturday.

You know I get so tired of reading this garbage.

I’ve heard of Fiverr using this excuse before. In your case, I will bet that a CS agent whom you have upset somehow (possibly because they just got abuse from your buyer) has gone through your profile and spotted the negative review from someone in the Philippines you got 2-years ago.

Personally, I would screenshot everything you can from your problem order and correspondence with CS. If your account gets banned, you can then use this to make a formal complaint and stir up a storm on social media.

Other than that, wait up to 48-hours to see if your withdrawals get reactivated. If they do, put this behind you and be careful how you handle scammery customers in the future.

If withdrawals aren’t reactivated, make a formal complaint pointing out that you have been threatened by a buyer who has implied that they have influence at Fiverr.

As this apparent influnce seems to have been exercised, state that this has you concerned about the security of your personal information on the platform, who has access to this, how Fiverr employees can withhold your cleared earnings without an explicit reason, and how this is compliant with GDPR regulations and UK/EU laws against wage withholding.

You basically need to lawyer up, even if at this stage this just means familiarizing yourself with your rights.


Thanks, I just cant believe I’m in this situation. 3 years with the occasional blip but this is akin to organised crime!
Considering the advertisements plastered all over London advertise Fiverr as “For The Doers” it sure doesn’t feel like they appreciate the work-force using their platform and trying to earn an honest living. What urks even more is the fact that Fiverr don’t claim to be an employer but yet exercise similar measures an employer would. I even stated I was willing to compromise and that if specific orders were an issue then I wholeheartedly agree that those specific funds be frozen until resolved but as it stands it’s my whole account balance which upon clearance will be over a thousand, I feel sick!

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Lo and behold, not 24 hours later all my funds are frozen

May I ask how much this order was for?

I’m surprised this would happen if the client left you a 5 star review.

Exactly. Pure scam. Either way, Fiverr said to contact all previous sellers and check they were happy etc which I did and they said allow 24/48 hours for a reply. Here we are over 48 hours later and I’m now being told they will re assess in 2 weeks! It’s clear that the buyer did indeed have friends at Fiverr. 3 years I have been on the platform and they have now frozen over $1000 that was from different orders- all rated 5 stars. Honestly, am gutted as I work hard, Fiverr is just a racket. Be careful folks, they can just freeze your withdrawals for literally no reason. They are saying they cant disclose the reason! Because there literally isn’t one! I’m on twitter @neatvoice feel free to share, I’ve screenshot everything and now it’s a case of contacting issuing court proceedings I’m afraid :frowning:

Hi, I’m in sympathy with you for all of this. I do know that customer support must have some reason and also they appreciate professional communication at all times. I hope they release your funds soon!

I only mention the communication patterns since I know they put a lot of emphasis on that. Whether or not that affects this situation or not I don’t know.

They are not professional in the slightest which is the irony. I have been told 4 different things from different advisors and not one of them has the courtesy to be specific or elaborate. If 1 order is in dispute then why freeze the funds of numerous order which have completed and received 5* reviews? It’s literally criminal.

Did you use unprofessional language when you talked to CS?