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Help working with web designer needed


I’m currently working with a web designer and It seems I’m doing everything wrong and I’m not ready for the designer.

I’ve given him access to my vendor pages (brochure/catalog, pricing, pictures) and I’ve even created a spreadsheet.

I’ve shown him the web template I want to use.
I’ve shown him a copy of the old website (with some wording)

He has copied and pasted everything so it looks like the old website.
He created the shopping pages and he hasn’t looked at what he’s typed
For a similar product, he used the same picture even though some of the items were socks/thigh highs and some pantyhose with varying colors and sizes.

I’ve had to create dummy pages (copy and pasting) so he can see what I’ve asked for.

We’ve been working on this for 2 weeks and I’m really frustrated with the process.

I will keep what he’s given me and I’ll have to hire another person to do the data-entry of all the products.

What should I have done to have made this gone much smoother?

I was under the impression that a web designer would use their own creativity when assisting the buyer who has never done an eCommerce page.

I also thought (keyword) that the web designer would know how to create an easy to use and easy to read eCommerce page using the pictures that go along with the item (description, etc.)

PLEASE have a tip page for folks who are new to eCommerce designers!!!


You seemed to have gone about this properly but maybe do a test gig in the future but asking for a single page to be designed to see if they would be a good fit. May I ask how you chose this designer?


I had a bunch of folks to choose from and this person was available, could do what I needed.

Explain a “test gig” please and how I can ask for it. Thank you.

I think someone flagged and had my question removed but I’m not sure why?


Everything starts with a detailed project brief, which should include project objectives, requirements, KPIs, design preferences etc.

Once you have that you need to go through a proper vetting process. I think you might have stumbled on a designer with a lack of experience or even skill to deliver what you expected. Maybe you didn’t provide all the necessary info upfront or maybe the designer didn’t ask the right questions and desperately accepted the job without properly understanding it.

There can be a ton of reasons why you had a bad experience, but with limited information and only your side of the story I’d say, give it another try and next time let them do a small test job like create only 1-2 pages.