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Help You Decide on a Martial Art


Are you eager to start training in a martial art, but don’t know know where to begin? I can help!

You and I will sit down either via Skype chat or a phone call. By talking to you and determining your likes and dislikes, what you want out of martial arts, and so on, I can help you pick a style!

The basic conversation will be about 15 minutes. For longer than that, you will simply need to order more gigs.


*I am unavailable on Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday nights.

*On Friday and Saturday, I am usually not available until after 7:30pm Eastern time…although there is a stipulation for that.

*If you order the 15 minute gig, I can possibly squeeze you in during the day on Saturday.

DISCLAIMER: If we work out a time and you do not call, I will consider the gig delivered because I’m setting aside my time for YOU. The least you can do is make it to the appointment!