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Help you on music theory, general knowledge for music analysis, build lyrics, playing piano songs

Hello everyone! Anyone having difficulties on their theory? Or not sure how to do a music theory, general knowledge of music analysis, need their music be written to letters, playing piano songs, play a piano accompaniment, or build lyrics?

I can help you with that. Please tell me what do I need to do and I will more than happy to help you. Why? Because when I help you, I can also see the other questions and I can enhance my own experience and my own music vocabulary, as well as knowledge.

Priorities to those who just started their music class. I can help you guide the music theory. No worries, for those who really stuck on their music homework, can come to my place and have a questions! I will do my best to give you the answers you need. Just come everyone!

For those who are interested to learn music theory, wanted to recognize the types of the notes like crotchet and others, you can try here too. For those who would like to try a different approach on memorize terms and others for music, I have gig for crossword puzzle. Through my gig, I hope you will understand better, as well as memorize well.

For any kinds of music theory or general music analysis questions:

For wanting a different approach to memorize music terms(music theory, music history and others)

For need a help in piano accompaniment, piano songs:

Come now!

Thanks. I thank you for those who help in spreading the word of my gig. I pray for your success in the future as well. Amen.

Thank you again.