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HELP! Zero sales in the past few days alongside reducing impressions!


Hi, everyone.
I’m Olusegun, a creative writer cum freelance journalist with vast experience in writing articles,speeches and blog posts.
I just came back to Fiverr recently as this is my second attempt at writing on Fiverr.
Some weeks back, I got my first two orders on Fiverr from the same buyer. I completed both orders before the due date and the buyer loved it.
Now, I’ve been on a dry spell since the beginning of December 2018. The orders are no longer coming in and the impressions on my gigs are reducing drastically even when I try as much as possible to promote them online.
Have I been doing something wrong? Please advice me on how to correct this anomaly.


My sales were great the beginning of this month but my gigs got moved to the second page of Best Selling and I’m really bummed out. Meanwhile there are gigs with 4.8 star ratings that are higher than mine?


My gigs impressions are decreasing . I joined fiverr two month ago but did not order yet . Can I get idea that Red Arrow downward shows what?


Change your gig tags and share your gig on social media daily.


That must hurt real bad.


I always share on social media, could it be that there’s something wrong with the gig?


The red arrow pointing downwards restates the fact that your gigs are getting lesser views each week…It should be a green arrow pointing upwards


That’s actually a bad advise. Many times here on the forum it’s been discussed that changing your gig tags can actually put your gig at the bottom of the search.


I changed some tags a few days back.
I guess that’s what really went wrong with my gigs…Thanks Maria


**I will try it But I have to give proper time


My best selling gig the “telepathy” gig used to be on the first page of Best Selling when you type in Psychic but I just checked and the gig is no longer even in the search results. I’m really disappointed. Please make sure your gigs are visible.