Why is there no HELP on the home page of Fiverr? I want to learn and know how to use this website so I can start earning, I can’t seem to find any step by step guide tutorial.



Not sure just what you expect. Each web commerce site is a little different, of course, but just a quick look around and you’ll see pretty much anything you need to get started.

You already found the Forum with thousands of searchable posts on any Fiverr topic you could hope to find, and links to the “Help” section, the Fiverr Directory, and Customer Support are all on the bottom of the homepage (and most other pages.)

If you are really interested in figuring it out, do what you do on most any other web page – click on links or images, use searchboxes, browse the clearly displayed seller listings, etc.

The internet has been widely available for more than 20 years now, and an entire generation of people have come along who just seem to be willing and able to figure pages out intuitively. So some young page designers and web merchants, (including the owners and staff of Fiverr), don’t particularly cater to the rest of the population that seeks more direction, but that is a decision they seem to be willing to live with.

When you see something you like, buy it for $5. Cheap way to learn the process and get something you can use at the same time.

Here is an screen image clipped from the bottom of the homepage:


Reply to @photoexpozure

Speaking for myself (and maybe tens of thousands of others)… We just jumped in with no help from anyone.

Sign up and follow your nose. It’s not very difficult to get up and running. The real education comes in learning how to tweak your gigs, get traffic and orders.

Some business knowledge and experience helps, but not a prerequisite, if you are open-minded to learning.

Spend a few dollars and buy some gigs from others to see how the process works.

Browse the forum, there’s tons of help sections for newbies and pros alike.

Keep us posted on your progress.