I need info about this :frowning:


You need info about what specifically? Looks like you’ve got the info about 6 pack abs down.


Adnagam i need info about gig upgrade . !


N im new on fiverr so i need help to enhance my skills


Im new on this


Juss tell me what should i have to do to get more clients


Ohk i’ll make that . n what next


Thnku very much for this ma’am . keep in touch i’ll text you soon :slight_smile:


Interesting thread, I’ll be on pins and needles until the next installment comes out


Looks like they’re selling six pack abs!


Or six pack BS :))


thkyou voiceoverwork n @magellon thkyou too :slight_smile: . i neva mind ma elders wordings :slight_smile:


Reply to @magellon: . i neva mind ma elders wordings thkyou sir


Reply to @voiceoverwork: and thkyou sir :stuck_out_tongue: i wish i could sell ma six pack abs lol anyhow thnku :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @amitpannu: What kind of skills are you wanting to enhance?