I can’t find any “contact us” link, so I think this is the only place I can ask about this?

I just started a gig a few hours ago, and now I come to check back and there’s a message saying I need to edit my gig and that “The image you are using to represent your Gig has been flagged for copyright infringement. Please replace your Gig image, keeping in mind that all images must be your original work and made in the same standard and quality as the results you will be providing to your customers. Using a stock image, a random photo from the Internet or an image that you bought from a different seller, may mislead buyers. This can lead to negative reviews and cancellations from buyers.” …That can’t be possible. It was a drawing gig and the image I uploaded was a drawing I made today. I can’t imagine who would report it for copyright infringement. It was a simple “chibi” without watermark or even signature.

Edit: sorry the attached picture is so huge, I had to make it over 600px in width to submit it.


There is a Customer Support link at the bottom footer of all Fiverr pages.


Yeah but the options are “having a problem with an order”, “visit the fiverr academy” and “browse through the FAQs on our Forum”. None of those options solve my problem, and I don’t see an e-mail or anything?


There is no direct email… you’ve go to navigate thru to “submit a request” area and explain your problem, include screenshots. They’re very good about getting back to you.


Reply to @kellyxx: Click on the “Still can’t find an answer” in green below the other options. Then sign up/log in and click on “Submit a request”. You’ll get a copy of your complaint in your email as well as a follow up message from Fiverr.

I know the system seems tedious, but I believe it’s like this so Support does not waste time responding to questions that can be answered from info directly on the website. Your question, however, is one where you really need to speak with them directly.