Ive been trying to locate an email address with you guys and it seems nearly impossible.

I’m having a technical PROBLEM…during communication with seller I send him an email and it doesn’t show up as sent when I go back to inbox? I’ve tried rebooting, clearing casche and logging out. Nothings working…

Is that a fiverr issue??


Reply to @kjblynx: It is a whole site problem at the moment, nothing is updating.

I delivered my drawing on the order page, marked as delivered, nothing showing on the page.

I tried to deliver with an attachment, nothing showing.

I tried to deliver in inbox, nothing showing.

Customer made new order with me, no information on the order page, but says they updated in the email I received from fiverr.

I submitted a ticket with CS, but no response as " currently experiencing a high volume of support requests".

I’m very worried that the customer side can’t see anything after their orders are marked completed. They might think it’s a scam.

Also as I can’t see any update of all orders, my customers might request changes and be waiting for it. (I have a customer needing their $200 drawing in a couple of hours)

I hope this will be fixed soon.



Reply to @kjblynx:

Have you tried send message or deliver an order? Does it works for you or not?