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Can someone help me? I paid for a gig on the 1st December, and the money was taken from my PayPal account ($15). However, the order form that was sent by the seller was a ‘noreply’ email. Consequently, the seller never received my order - 10 days have gone by and I can’t seem to get any replies from anybody. I have advised PayPal that my order was not delivered - the buyer is not responding to my emails, and I can’t click on the appropriate button to complain, because that is on the order form - which I never received. I’ve used Fiverr for a couple of years now and this is my first problem - typical just as I was recommending it to a friend. I still urgently need this gig, but need to get a refund first and then try again. Can someone help me please. Many thanks.


If you tell PayPal that your order was not delivered you will be banned from Fiverr :wink:

It is best off getting in touch with customer support.


Reply to @ryangillam: ok - thanks for that - I don’t want to be banned from Fiverr!! just got a problem this time! thanks again