I just paid $20 to Fiverr to help me add more subscribers to my youtube page and I did it before creating this account. I have a receipt, but how are they going to increase my youtube subscriber base if they didn’t even collect any information on me either before or after I made the purchase. Now I’m worried.



When you make a purchase, there is often a set of instructions. A list of things or information you need to provide in order for the Seller to do the job.

If you made a bona fide purchase on Fiverr you can send the Seller a message and open a line of communication.

It is unclear as to what you mean by “have a receipt” or “did it before creating this account”.


that’s why I do not trust buying more subscribers and stuff

if you want someone you can trust for more subs look for gigs that say that they will post your link on their twitter which has 100,000 followers or something like that and before you buy the gig ask them for their twitter profile to see they are not fake and make sure you tripple read their discription and check their ratings on the fiver profile. if they have Alot of negative feedback, don’t trust them.