Hi im looking for some help as i seem to be getting none from fivierr.

I opened a buyers account, spent nearly $100. all seemed fine then about 2 hours later I got multiple emails stating the purchase was cancelled and money refunded to my fiverr account. Nothing Else! I tried to login and my account will not log in. I have had no explanation or notice why the account is blocked. I have sent two requests to customer support without reply for 4 days now and fiver still has $100 of my money. Very poor . does anyone work at fiverr?

Rant over :slight_smile:


thanks just hoping someone reads these threads, I sure i will get a response at some time in the furture. very poor communication though. shame as there are lots of services i wanted to buy. but started using a competitor now


Very strange. Support can take a few days to respond depending on their workload, so be patient.

As for anyone here being able to help? No. We’re all just members like you.


Reply to @spooooons: Hello.

I’m not a fiverr employee but I suggest you take screenshots of your payment statments and send it to fiverr if on the worst case they don’t know who you are.

On the other hand, Fiverr is one of the best websites for easy services. Their response time can be between 12 hours to 6 days.

Don’t give up, afterall you have $100.00 there (as you say)

Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

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Very strange indeed. We’re all users here just like you but I have never heard of that before. Did the seller(s) already deliver the work and then they requested that you get a refund? Odd.

Unless the work was not yet completed and the seller thought they couldn’t get it done in time to your satisfaction and cancelled the order. Then that would explain the refund but you also should have been able to see the reason and accept the cancellation.

It is also strange that you cannot log in.

Just a note: There is no difference between a buyer’s account or a seller’s account. Every account is the same and you can either buy or sell from it. :slight_smile:


Normally I don’t suggest contacting CS more than once (or twice) for the same issue, but it’s insane to have to wait days to find out what happened to your money and your account. Get in touch again, and there’s also the bonus that if you submit another ticket, you may get a response from one of the reps that actually does something! Good luck to you.


Does anyone think @spooooons account might’ve been hacked? It seems very odd that he/she suddenly cannot log in to the account. That is the first sign of trouble that others who have recently been hacked noticed: inability to log onto the account. And many of the situations involved lost/stolen funds.

@spooooons, try contacting customer support again, try, try sending a Tweet AND post on the Fiverr Facebook page. Then try everything again until you get a response, because there’s a chance your funds may be affected by whatever is going on. And be sure to go to your PayPal account (if that’s what you use) and change your password immediately.

And good luck.


Hi all

Thanks for the replies. Very odd. Still no response from fiverr. Over a week now. I placed about 4 orders all were cancelled at the same time. Two 2 support tickets open no response Nothing at all last one closed as solved without reply. Money has been taken from my paypal. realy not happy with this, how hard can it be to get in contact. I am going to put a dispute in with Paypal. I have email them through the paypal email and no reponse there either. ANNOYING!!!