I have one customer that gave me a bad review but all of my other customers gave me a 5 star review. If i refund their money, will their review get removed?


Yes, you can refund the buyer within 14 days after the order is completed. Communicate politely and offer him/her refund by cancelling the order from “Resolution Center”.


@otallu will it take the review off?


Reply to @wegotshoutouts: yes, it will!


@otallu thanks!


Respond their query fast as possible will definitely Make an good impression, ask their problems and move it on


yah if you want to remove the negative review then offer them a refund. its better to give a refund then to take the bad review.


Hi guys, Thanks for giving the solution to a bad repot. i haven’t got one jet and i will never have one. But now i know what to do when one comes.

Thanks all!


Thanks everyone!


Never refund, if you are confident you have provided the best solution. Contact CS, and if you don’t get favorable response from Fiverr CS, consider using other freelancing websites, that offer mediation services.


Give a refund. The negative review will cost you a lot more in the long run than the loss of a few bucks. (This is assuming everything was cordial and the review is unexpected yet not inflammatory or slanderous. If so, take it to CS if you want a fight. But the negative review will sit on your account for awhile and mess up your rankings. Again costing you much more than just a few bucks.)

Refund is your fastest solution. Assuming they accept the cancellation, which hopefully they will. If not, then you will have no choice but to take it CS and pray the Fiverr Gods are feeling merciful.


Yes, your bad review will be vanished but not until 3 day. The order will be automatically completed after 3 days. I suggest you should talk to the buyer and explain him your case, after all miscommunications can lead us to a wrong outcome.