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My order was due to be delivered yesterday. The deadline for cancellation has passed and the system will not let me cancel the order. This whole experience has been a waste of time. I’m not even allowed to leave any negative feedback, so do not trust the feedback of top sellers. I sent a ticket, thats another week i’ll hae to wait to get my money back.

Negative feedback is left automatically upon cancellation.

Remember though; there may be reasons as to why a seller is late (sickness, death in the family etc.) and makes it difficult to actually update clients.

If you can avoid leaving negative feedback through cancellation then do. Very few people seem to realize that a single negative feedback can do untold amounts of damage to a person’s gig. I have received about 7 this week due to a hospital trip (and customers were kept up to date). I have gone down from 30 orders a day to 1 on average.

Your account no longer seems to exist anyway, so I guess you tried to chargeback.