Help :(



Can anyone help me? :frowning:

I am on fiverr since 3-4 months. I’ve created many nice and unique gigs. But the problem is my gigs are not visible to much people. Moreover, I am not able to edit my gigs from last 2 days. Whenever i edit it save it shows "gig sucessfully updated"but when i see my gig again in preview it remains as same as it was before. :frowning:

Can anyone help ?

Also, I have completed 11 orders with 100% rating and I am still not able to add extra gigs :frowning:


#1 - Fiverr search isn’t working the best right now… not much you can do about your gig not being visible to many people other than promote as much as possible.

#2 - Changes to gigs can take up to 24 hours to show up. If it’s been over 24 hours, contact customer support and let them know what’s happening, how long it’s been, etc.

#3 - You should have been promoted to level 1, as it sounds like you have met the criteria. Give it some time, I’d say about a week, and if you still meet the criteria and have not been promoted to level 1 seller at that point, contact customer support. Sometimes it’s not instant.

Good luck! I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Reply to @just4youall: Contact customer support to resolve the issue! Depending on why your messaging was disabled, they may be able to undo it… if it was a mistake.

What were you doing that caused this? Were you contacting others asking them to look at your gigs? If so, that would be considered spam and it’s against the rules. In this case, you may just have to wait a while before you are allowed to have your messaging back.

Either way, contact customer support about it.


^^thanks :slight_smile:


ditto to pro helper, also replying to lots of the requested gigs that you can do is a good idea, i have gotton 25% of my sales that way.





Reply to @katylady77: I personally haven’t had any luck with replying to gig requests. I never get a response back.

Not saying it’s not a good way to get sales, though. As you say, you get a lot of sales that way.


my messaging has been disabled :frowning: what to do ?


Reply to @just4youall: Hate to say it but it’s probably due to the amount of spamming you do on the forums and you even shamelessly advertise your gig on other peoples’ threads. That’s very unattractive.


Reply to @mrspanda: This is true… that is why I thought that maybe she was spamming in messages since she was doing so in the forums.

@just4youall - I know that you are new here, so take this as an opportunity to learn. You just CANNOT spam on Fiverr. It will get you nowhere. Don’t message random people telling them about your gigs (this is unsolicited spam) and don’t post on other peoples forum post asking them to check out your gigs if it has nothing to do with the forum topic. There is an entire section on this forum to promote your gig, the “My Fiverr Gigs” category. Use that section to tell people about your gigs and ask them to take a look.

Focus on promoting your gigs in a non-spammy way, you will get better results and you will not get in trouble. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I have learnt a lot from you all. I will not it again.

Sorry .

And thanks a lot for your adivices . really thanks ! :slight_smile:


Reply to @just4youall: No problem.

Take some time to read the Fiverr TOS to get familiar with the rules and how things work -