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I am get daily 1/2 orders…

I want to get more orders because i want to do full time job at fiverr.

Please help


If you get a worthy answer for this, please help me as well… lol… Getting started in Fiverr is a headache lol

Try to keep online as possible and reply as soon as possible of Buyer’s message.

Reply to @jowelr: Hey… So to speek, am online almost 24 hours a day and i reply to messages within 15 mins as-well… :slight_smile: Its not about how quick you are but its all about “TRUST”… buyers will go for gigs with greater number of positive reviews… I don’t think they are not ready to take a risk by giving a fiverr hatch an opportunity… Simple as that… :wink:

It has been 50 days here on fiverr and i have got 60+ orders , so i keep getting new orders on my gigs from sellers , its about the gig description , photo you use and the service you provide , you may be asked to over deliver or provide samples when you have no ratings but one you get 1-2 good reviews people order you gig instantly .

Noman you need to write description in lower case…


Osman shahbaz

I’ve only gotten 2 ratings, the other buyers never rated me, so it only shows up as one person ordered that gig on the gig page… And from the two I did get, one was the default “Outstanding experience!” and the other was a really good review… in Portuguese. I have great luck don’t I XD

Many thanks #usman

Usman can you help me how to open portfolio to buyers of my sales


trafficmachine1 said: Mem

@trafficmachine1 When my orders get slow, I always go to “buyers requests” and submit the ones that fit my gig. I get a lot of orders that way, and most of my repeat customers have come from those jobs. There are simply too many similar gigs on Fiverr for new people to choose from. They come here because a friend has told them that they can find good work cheap. Then they see a wall of hundreds of people that do the same thing you do for the same price. That’s like going to Wal-mart, and all they sell is a thousand brands of frozen pizza. Which one is going to sell? The one with someone standing there putting it into their shopping cart and saying, “This one is the best!” You have to tell people how good you are. Go to buyer’s requests everyday.

Reply to @webtelly: Thats a solid reply sir… Thank you for the great tip… :slight_smile:

Reply to @webtelly: Thank you for that tipp!

Thanks #@webtelly:

yes, that’s true . The next steps should optimize gig description and title and need to marketing yours gig. :joy: .