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I am in trouble
i was away from my account for urgent reasons , and i had some orders and they marked as very late and when i am back i found my response rate is 56% and my conversion rae 1.9% !! what should i do !!
Can anyone advise me what i have to do ?!

Your fault was when you were away from Fiverr you keep open your profile mode. Fiverr has an awesome option for this. You can put your profile on vacation mood, so no one will able to order when you are on a vacation. I wish you would use Vacation Mode next time.

And now you have to manage your low response rate. So try to be able online as long as you can everyday and try to reply new buyers ASAP. I wish you will recover very soon.


Thanks i am really appreciate your comment and i am trying to do that but nothing happened
i’ll continue till i can mange this issue