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I have been on Fiverr for almost 3 months, and still haven’t had a single sale. Please give any advice in helping me boost my sales.

My Fiverr Page:

First Gig:

Hi, techsolomon…yes, I know the feeling =)

I do sorta agree with point 3 above though…Are you active on social media or anything?

Thank you for all of the tips. :slight_smile:

I have a slight social media presence. I am thinking about making Fiverr YouTube videos in the future, as I already have a few subscribers. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Social media is helpful really, but mainly for social-related gigs. It’s more about proper keyword targeting above anything else. If you could make a compelling marketing video that has potential viral qualities you have a chance at social media, but ultimately it’s not too beneficial. You can get plenty of orders just working within the confines of Fiverr itself. Essentially your best bet is to experiment with keyword usage but in a natural and appealing way and to pick a picture and add a video that better represents your gig. If you aren’t ranking properly on your focus keyword it may be a good time to reduce the length of the title, re-word it, add your keyword in the tags, title, as well as the description. See what gigs of a similar nature are doing as well, to get a better idea.

I currently cannot reply to sellers. Keeps buffering. First time it has done this.

Yes, sometimes the site is down. However, it doesn’t take that long so hopefully you will be able to reply to sellers asap.