i am new on fiver i complete a order and did 3 revisions but he is asking more and more and click is ticking tell me what to do


Give him what he paid for and what you agreed upon when starting to work with eachother.

If he asks for more, kindly tell him that it’s not included in your gig and that he will need to pay extra for it.

If he starts causing problems contact Fiverr support.


If you have mentioned unlimited revisions on your gig, you are stuck with making unlimited revisions for the person. If not, you can ask him to pay for extra revisions.


As you don’t offer revisions, there is no need to do any. Deliver the order and send the buyer a custom offer for revisions. If he starts making trouble contact CS.


To keep the customer happy, do a little extra at times.

But if he’s keeps changing requests, select dispute resolution in your order for Fiverr support and explain your situation.