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i have an order from customer they want "city skyline to vineyard squirelly script"
some one tell me what squirelly script and vineyard means ?

Google it.

i don’t get any meaning of it :confused:

A vineyard is where grapes are grown. I don’t know about squirelly script.

What is this order in regard to? A logo design?

contact your buyer and ask him for more details… make fixed idea about the order before you start.

yes definitely ask the buyer, but as long as it is still a riddle here, I’d like to add my guess:
squirelly script = some kind of cursive font… ?

If you don’t know what it means you cannot sell it to a buyer. Tell him you can’t do what he wants. It helps if you can at least have the basic communication understood and that isn’t happening here.

If you don’t know what a vinyard is you can look up the definition.

Squirelly script must be a font so ask him to show you an example of it.

Squirelly Script is a font name by Vineyard. Here-

But seriously, cancel this order as you don’t understand what the buyer wants.

Always try asking the buyer and using google first. While the buyer should try to provide better information, they may assume you understand. Posting this kind of question on the forum is also OK, I just wouldn’t use it as my first choice while your deadline is ticking away.

The buyer should always be your first resource because Google or forum responses could be slow or inaccurate. No need to cancel if a buyer can clarify right away and you have the ability to get the font or whatever is needed, but if the buyer doesn’t respond quickly you can cancel based on that.

Script usual refers to a font type but sometimes that font type is not free. So make sure the font can be used commercially. The best thing to do is ask the buyer questions, if the buyer is getting upset over you asking questions then the order should be canceled as your doing your part as a seller to try to get the order correct. Also just because someone orders from you does not mean you need to do it. Good luck :slight_smile:

Maybe you should ask clarification question for your client? I believe clear communication with the client is the best strategy!