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1- How do I block someone and prevent them from messaging me again and viewing my profile?

2- How do I change my username?

3- Why can’t I post more than 7 gigs?


You can’t change user name.
New seller can only create 7 gigs.

New seller- 7 gigs
Level 1 seller- 15 gigs
Level 2 seller- 20 gigs
Top rated seller- 60 gigs

In addition to what logo95 said, you can’t block anyone from seeing your profile.

There’s a Report button at the bottom of every message that you can use to temporarily block someone from messaging you, but it’s mostly used to report spam (in other words, if that person isn’t spamming you, they’ll soon be able to message you again).

If someone is harassing you, threatening you, or is otherwise being abusive, you can submit a ticket to Customer Support and report that person.

Awesome…thank you!

Thank you!