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I need your help in resolving issues with my client. I began a 6month job with my buyer which started in February to September because there was no source to write. During these periods, I always wait her interview questions which was used as primary data for the book. The job was was successfully completed now, she wants a refund. By threatening me with fiverr resolution center, she claimed her job was not done to her satisfaction and even sent me a copy of what she claimed she gave to another seller. My greatest surprise was when I checked the document, it was the exact copy of my work which I sent to her in one of our dealings. I need someone’s help here please. Thank you

If I were you, I’d immediately write to CS to explain that you’re being threatened with a bogus complaint. Getting in there early will help you seem believable.

I’m not sure I’m following your story. You ghostwrote a book, apparently? She sent you your own work as an example of work which would have been satisfactory? At any rate, she sounds like a pain. I hope she doesn’t actually do anything to you.

This doesn’t sound good. You appear to have a stock photo on an account in Nigeria and you claim to be a seasoned writer, editor and a proofreader with more than 16 years of writing books, communicating clearly, and correcting grammar. You also say “As holder of masters in Literary- journalism” you can bring even more value to a buyer.

All of this seems to contradict what you wrote here. Your English is difficult to read, especially for someone with a Master’s degree in a writing discipline. You said that you did a 6 month job with a buyer, so if you did that within the limits of the Fiverr rules, you had to have done that in at least 6 separate gigs if not more. Fiverr doesn’t allow one gig to exceed a delivery time of one month. If you did break it up over 6 months time in 6 or more gigs, you would have known the buyer had a problem much earlier.

So, if you really did break this up into separate gigs starting in February, then the first ones should already be complete. If so, you could ask Customer Support to check on the final gig. If you tried to do 6 months of work in one gig, you may be stuck refunding the buyer no matter what. As far as threatening you with the resolution center, I don’t think CS would consider that a threat since that’s literally an attempt to resolve a problem and it is the right of both buyer and seller to use the resolution center. The only thing that would be considered a threat is if they were threatening to leave you a bad review if you don’t refund them and you can prove that you delivered exactly what you promised in one month or less. Is that what you wanted to know?

The thing is, @amybeewalker says the buyer “threatened me with the fiverr resolution center” so if it is bogus, it’s already going to CS through the resolution center. I am not sure I follow how that would be a threat since the resolution center is just a means of contact to state a problem. If the buyer proves they didn’t get what was promised on time, the buyer will get a refund. If the seller demonstrates that the work was done as described in time, there shouldn’t be an issue.

I interpreted as a threat to claim shoddy work just to get a refund. In theory the seller can prove the truth and be fine, but even so it’s a hassle, and some things are hard to prove. CS isn’t psychic.

The OP’s story is a little hard to follow, though, so I’m not totally sure.