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i want to know that when u open ur new fiverr account then how many days u got oders ???

Few days from when I open.

There’s no rule. Some people start getting orders on their first day, some wait for months.

@aleta66 - I see that apart from the Facebook promotions, your Spanish translation gig offering is a bit more specific.

Although using ‘Buyer Requests’ could certainly be of help, I rather doubt that you would find your clientele for such specific offerings.

What I would recommend is that you broaden your offering from just translations to creative writings, research, reviews & testimonials etc (& if you’re comfortable working on a video, that would also boost-up your order flow and eentually the revenue).

Hope this helps!

Exactly, its been less than a month that I have joined Fiverr and within first week I had started having orders for my gig. I explored Fiverr guide, forum and blog to condense all useful information, tips and tricks for the new sellers and it started paying off instantly.

It has no rules. But, you have to check buyer requests and have to send offers daily. Then, you will get orders.

3 days. I recommend to use Buyer requests feature, it can really help you if you will use your persuasive skills and do a great work. Remember never lie about your services, this could be really hurt your Fiverr experience and make you finally give up at all.

Wish you all the best,

Work the buyers request and spend some time on gig detailing…then just,have to wait …do some promotions also