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Helped my girlfriend with fiverr


Hello, so the story goes like this : i am already working here almost a year now and one day i recommended fiverr to my gf that was looking for a job ( we were studying together at university visual graphics ) so i helped her create account and everything and now she is on her own doing her best to level up but the thing is when i was helping her i registered her on her laptop but on my wifi, will it cause any problems ? it was maybe two month ago when i registered her and since then she was using it from her home, i have 4 gigs that i mainly do and she has 1 that is similar service to one of my gig because we both were studying it


As you two are working in Fiverr for last two months, it means everything is okay. Else your account have been banned already. But of course make sure that both of you do not have a gig with 100% similar content like image, video, description etc.


they are just similar services, like video edit, other then that everything is different, she filled it up everything on her own :slight_smile:


Please check with CS, otherwise you could find both accounts being closed.


thanks for the reply !