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Helpful Form or Deal Breaker?

I have made a form to help new buyers fill out the requirements for the gig. It is intended to help expedite the process and assist in me being able to jump right into the job. Many buyers seem reluctant (overwhelmed?) to fill out the form and that has caused delays.

Currently, I have a mandatory requirement, keeping it simple - text reply. After a purchase, I send the form, asking that they fill it out and return as soon as possible. This usually works; although it often eats up a big chunk of my delivery time (as the clock started as soon as they completed the requirements).

Without the form, I spend as much (or more) time back and forth with additional questions. Either way, it seems I lose a lot of time on the clock.

If I make the form mandatory before purchase, it seems to deter buyers. Any ideas?

Thanks, Lyn

Hi Lyn!

Could your form be replaced by the requirements section?

You can ask 10 questions on it - if you’ve got more questions than that, then perhaps it is a little overwhelming for your clients. :grinning:


As I do genealogy, I do typically have a lot of questions. That said, I could probably simplify it with some very fundamental, critical questions to start. Rather than making the form a requirement, see what I need after the initial contact.



You could also add a pdf to your portfolio showing which information you need before you start?

Your buyers might be a bit more prepared for the questions then as well.

Good luck! :sunny:

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You may also extend your delivery time. I always add buffer time for such delays.
If there are no delays then I’m sure buyers will be happy if you deliver ahead of time.