Helping a new seller - Failed


Guys, I wanted to share my story, how disappointed I am. 11 days ago I have seen a new seller post, how enthusiastic article writer this new seller was. He wants to make it on Fiverr. He is serious about this.
I wanted to help him earning a 5 star review, I ordered a blog post from him on a given topic. Win-win, I needed the blog post, he needs a raving review, and I hoped I can give a 5 star one given it’s quality work. The promise was 24 hour delivery.
Here we are, 10 days after my order, way beyond any deadline, I held on, sure dude, feel free to write it, make it perfect, time is less important to me!

Today I got a cancellation request from him, he found a job, and he does not really care about this anymore…
So much for helping a new seller.

Giving a Chance to New Sellers!

This is just heartbreaking. I have nothing else to say.


Might be an idea to tell him to pause his gigs if he’s not interested any more? :wink:

That is very disappointing. :frowning_face:


Well, maybe not heartbreaking, just annoying :wink: I will live :wink:


There is no good deed that stays unpunished.


That’s just awful! His behavior was unacceptable! If I were you I’d share this experience with CS.

Don’t worry Karma will come a knockin’. :door:


CS? I mean it’s annoying, disappointed in him as a human being. I can’t force him to complete the task, even if he does, his heart would not be in it anymore.
I do believe in karma, my 1 star review is all I’ll be doing.


Customer Support.

Fiverr wants Buyers to have a great experience, false promises 24-hour delivery to waiting 10 days, no bueno (no good). Hopefully, you can find a suitable seller to complete the project. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry, I meant CS would be a bit excessive. I know this is not cool, but not the end of the world.


What happiness I would have had if I had this chance! I’m still waiting for my first sale. :confused:


Your way of thinking amazing towards people @fogi and I wish all people would be like you


Freelancing is not for everyone. This is why I don’t order from those who are new. I’m not a gambler.


So, are you going to try again or…


Apart from the fact that it’s heartbreaking, I consider his action rude and disrespectful. You did good trying to help and I’m sure there are others out there who would kill just to be given the opportunity you gave to him.


Trying to help others sometimes leads to this kind of thing.