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Helping New Sellers... and Everyone?

Hey fiverr-ers,
I decided to help new fiverr members get started with their gig sales by **************************. I do this now through -[disallowed URL and ToS violation removed]
After, I realized that everyone could use feedback and I notice how it boosts sales. Moderator Note: Reviews cannot be sold on or off Fiverr or exchanged in any way except through a normal buyer/seller transaction. So, I know this is helpful to sellers but my questions to you all are:
What are other ways that go hand in hand with helping new sellers to get acclimated and to start to see success here? In other words, when you guys were new, what things do you recall were helpful in getting comfortable here and networking with other members etc? And, what do you think has been most helpful in adapting and changing to continue to see success here?

are you even allowed to promote your services here?

Moderator Note: No, it is a Fiverr Terms of Service violate to offer a gig like this in any way. Anyone who buys a gig like this is also violating the ToS.

You know what they say about the blind leading another blind?

They go nowhere. Anyone who purchases your gig are just lazy to even look for the tips in this forum. Are you aware that this section is known as “tips for sellers”???

@showoff_1 This is way, way against the Fiverr Terms of Service. You could lose your account for it. You cannot offer a gig to buy another person’s gig. For that matter, you cannot trade gig purchases to review each other. You also cannot have multiple gigs offering the same thing, which you do. I would suggest you take these gigs down ASAP. I have reported your post and profile to the forum team and will be reporting it to Fiverr Trust and Safety. Any sellers that see your gig or this post are on notice that being involved in this type of transaction can get both accounts banned.

Also, just in case you are still allowed to sell later, you cannot promote your gigs in any way in the forum except in the My Fiverr Gigs category.

To answer your allowed questions, many new people find the real tips in Tips for Sellers helpful. Sellers can also post their gigs in the Improve my Gigs forum and people can offer advice free of charge. Besides that, I suggest the Fiverr Academy, the Customer Support page which has help articles, and the Fiverr Terms of Service.

(Game of Thrones fans will love this)

OP is no longer on Fiverr. Thread closed.