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Helping Other People to Join this Fiverr Marketplace

Fiverr Marketplace is one of the best in this world. I want to introduce every person in this country and the world to Fife Market Places so that they can eliminate unemployment and poverty. By their work unemployment is a threat to a country and ten and nation, so every person According to their expertise, working on this marketplace can lead to living a life I want every person to know about this marketplace and get it as a worldwide aid

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You need to keep in mind that even though fiverr is a great platform they would still need to work hard and have a skill and knowledge to earn money here.
Fiverr is extremely competitive and still can not solve unemployment issues for the whole country.

But for those who has great skill and knowledge and willing to be proactive freelancing wouldn’t stop only on fiverr, there are a lot of different ways to make money online and fiverr is just one path of many.


In addition to what @mariashtelle1 has said, you also need to understand that introducing hundreds of thousands of people to this marketplace will increase the already extremely high competition that exists on Fiverr. The number of buyers are more or less limited (or are not growing in proportion to the rapid increase in the number of sellers).

So, unfortunately, increasing the competition on Fiverr is not going to do you or your countrymen any good as they will find it extremely hard to get orders. I don’t think your plan will help you or your fellow countrymen in any way. :crying_cat_face: If you’re a sensible person, you will understand what we are trying to say. :+1: