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Helping Out Family!


Hi there, I am a seller here for the past 5 months and I have had incredible experience so far. My bro is now looking for a job and I have recommended that he starts selling on Fiverr. He is a professional photographer and he has a gig now that could transform your message into a candle light picture. Check it out


for some reason, the picture appears to be broken but you can view the samples on his gig here


this is the sample


nice gig I ever seen


Reply to @wildgirl: Thanks so much :))


Reply to @bachas85: Thanks sooo much Barbara!! :)) Yes, keeping fingers crossed!


Good luck to your brother! That photograph is beautiful - the lighting is perfect. I can tell it’s hard to achieve that perfect look and he did an amazing job.


Reply to @bbetrio3: Thankkkksss so muchh!! I actually had this idea but I thought it would be good to let him do this gig since he is good at what he does! :))


Thanks for checking it out and I hope orders will start rolling for him! :)>-


Thank you everyone! :slight_smile:


there is another gig for Christmas people!