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Helping out organizations affected by COVID-19 or fighting against it

Does anyone know if Fiverr is going to arrange sellers collaboration for donations or discounts for organizations affected by COVID-19 or the ones that are fighting against it, e.g. Hospitals, Research Labs, Suppliers, etc.

I believe there are tons of people interested in donating time or provide discounts to help out these organizations, I know that each one can promote their own services, however this is not going to have the same reach as if Fiverr makes it official by getting involved and actually it would be important that Fiverr offer fees discounts too, so Fiverr can show some empathy and commitment.


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I actually disagree with this, but not for the reasons you might think.

Don’t forget that behind the logo, Fiverr is a business run by people too. We might not see them, but there are faces on the other end of the line. With the insane number of layoffs, I think any business that tries their best to keep their employees, even if it’s risking loosing some customers is already showing their empathy and commitment. You have to take care of your own before you can even attempt to help anyone else.

As for the fee waivers. Eh, would be nice, but it only would benefit buyers, and if they did something that lopsided again after the fiasco that happened over the holidays a few months ago… well, I suppose I can’t really speculate, as the situation is different, but I can assure that sellers would again be Not Happy.


Not saying that Fiverr should do this without a justified reason that result in a business benefit, showing some empathy and participating in social causes can work to create business relationships and increase Fiverr’s reach, so yes they can have financial benefit at the end of the day by leading this initiative.

Also this can be regulated, by only offering fees reductions to sellers that participate in this initiative, this can be well administrated with the tools they have so this initiative works in the expected way and preventing people taking advantage for a selfish purpose. I’m not sure what holiday situation are you referring too, I have not seen anything similar to what I’m proposing here so far, well not in Fiverr.

Actually this is not an original idea, I saw that other platforms are doing this, e.g. Codementor, basically they are recruiting mentors (sellers) that want to donate time or offer discounts, so if others are doing this there should be a good strategy behind, and I also think they are considering the risks you are mentioning, however, I strongly believe this kind of acts are an investment and can result in bigger benefits in the long run.

In other words, this race has already started, doesn’t matter if Fiverr wants to participate or not, others will do and will be remembered by that.


Fiverr is a publicly traded company. It is not a charity. It has an obligation to it’s shareholders only to be profitable as much as is possible and run itself as a business, for profit. This is the purpose and the mission of fiverr.

I’m just today beginning to see some threads where people are mistaking fiverr for some kind of charitable organization which is not it’s purpose.


Please read my previous answer, I believe you are missing some details here, I’m seeing this from a financial perspective, and please take in count that this is not my idea I’m just sharing what I saw somewhere else happening already, so at the end of the day is Fiverr decision if they participate in this or not.

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It’s a publicly traded company with shareholders who are the owners of fiverr and have invested money in it with the hope of making a profit.

Fiverr would have to send out letters for all shareholders to sign where they vote on if they want fiverr to involve itself in charitable works.

There is no one who can arbitrarily say to themself ok now fiverr is going to change or modify it’s mission and the shareholders be damned.

The shareholders could hold the directors liable for fraudulently misrepresenting what kind of organization fiverr is.

You would be better off asking some religious organizations to have charitable branches than a large corporation on the New York Stock Exchange.


Please don’t forget the main focus here should be the request to organize a group of sellers willing to do some good, if Fiverr does some fees reduction or not is up to them, and only they will know how to participate in this crucial moment where others prefer to shine, even so, the request that doesn’t require to much thinking is in creating an event or section to gather all sellers offerings for work donations or discounts.

This company has some very strict bylaws which dictate exactly what it can and can’t do and it has to follow them.

That link to a freelancer’s union was posted for anyone in the USA who wants to donate.

Did you see that link to donate? If you are not in the USA you can start something similar in your own country but fiverr is not in the charitable business.


In business, the term you’re looking for is “Goodwill”.
It’s basically the public’s opinion of the company, and does play a part in reputation. However, any event or drive that a company hosts or sponsors indeed does have to be approved (most are planned months in advance). The smaller the company, the faster this can happen.

I like the idea of Fiverr asking for sellers to donate time and talent, but the infrastructure isn’t there. There are no channels for sellers to go through to be able to donate.


Ok, lets suppose they are not going to participate, then what?, can we as a community do something together or is each people on their own?

Please take in count this thread was created to trigger some good actions, not a fight to defend a third party without even asking them if they agree with your argument or not.

It sounds like people are not realizing the rules of business fiverr needs to follow. If you want to donate something this is not the place.

This site is for sellers and buyers only.

There is no way for anyone to go around asking people if they want to donate as far as fiverr goes.

There is no way to form some kind of group for that. It’s not part of fiverr’s mission.

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I don’t think you’re right. Yes, Fiverr is a publicly traded company but the (COVID-19) pandemic is real. Countries are in lockdown right now & the situation is really bad :frowning:

Fiverr is just a 1 company, You know what is much important right now??

This: Survival

Even the U.S. Senate approved a historic $2 trillion rescue plan to respond to the economic and health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Every government is working together & helping each other right now. Humanity is far more important than professionalism right now :slight_smile:

Don’t think or act like a COMPANY right now, Please think differently, Company is nothing without its people. We all are facing national emergency right now :frowning:


Also, if you’re at all curious about the holiday… thing:

I have attempted to explain the rules and laws here about running a stockholder owned company and those rules are 100 times more strict for a publicly traded one. I give up.


The rule that misscrystal is referring to is the “Don’t take your communication off of Fiverr.”

Topic switch.
Crisises like this are exactly when the conmen like to set up fake charities.

I fully intend to donate something, but I’m also going to be paranoid about who I volunteer to aid.

I’m referring to a corporation’s BYLAWS. These are the laws a corporation has to follow and they dictate what it can and can’t do.

Sometimes in an office with employees someone will go around and collect money for some cause but we are not employees.

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Oh, thanks for clarifying. I was way off. I guess it’s time to log off for the night, if I didn’t catch that.


What do you think??
Stock market will shut down soon :frowning:

Situation is really bad right now

If you guys feel so strongly that there should be some kind of charitable branch of fiverr write to customer support.


If it’s not in the BYLAWS the corporation cannot do it.

Please try to understand this.