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Helping out organizations affected by COVID-19 or fighting against it

Just to understand your arguments a little better and not make wrong assumptions:

@imagination7413 are you saying that Fiverr is not doing the best they can due to a bad administration that turned into disappointments for sellers like the Holiday problem?, so at the end of the day not really against the idea just don’t believe is possible, is this right?

@misscrystal are you talking as a Fiverr representative? or just want to say that we are doing wrong to request some leadership from Fiverr?

@wpfalcon that can actually kill the conversation, if Fiverr is strongly hit by that, I hope that doesn’t happen.

I am trying to explain something to you. Not sure why you aren’t able to get it.

Please take a look at what I posted above, the example of bylaws.

(I see I grabbed an example of a non-profit one but that shows that there are stated purposes any corporation must adhere to.)

It’s a nice thought what you want to do but arguing with me won’t help. Ask customer support about it.

Well, in times of need processes can be speed up, just need to look at actions of the countries leaders to modify the usage of the national budget, I know that may be exaggerate comparison, but I also believe companies have mechanism (methods) to take urgent decisions in times of need.

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Why can’t you understand it cannot simply change it’s purpose? It’s not allowed to by laws. Write all this to customer support please.
Or form your own charity, or tell customer support fiverr needs to be in the charity business.

Finally a kind-hearted (misscrystal) is back :slightly_smiling_face:

I just love your posts & yes you’re right on some points. But still I strongly believe that Fiverr should start some campaigns really soon.

They’re a responsible company :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lady, with all respect, I’m trying to focus on the community organization for this initiative with or without Fiverr’s participation, but we have only discussed about Fiverr bureaucracy because thats the topic you chose, if you want to move on to a more productive topic I’m on.

I know this is the right channel because otherwise I may have not reached other sellers like the ones participating in this conversation

There is a post of a link to that for the USA. You are free to start your own site like that if you are in a different country. Please don’t call me lady that way, it’s rude. I’m sorry I misunderstood that you actually don’t want fiverr to be a charitable organization.

Maybe if you explained in detail what it is you want to do or have fiverr do or others do it would be more clear.


Yes you’re right :slight_smile:

I’m really sorry, I didn’t know it was impolite to say that word, I was just trying to make us focus on what really matters, never tried to offend.

Regarding the donation approach, unfortunately my country doesn’t allow online donations due to bad regulations (irony).

Even so, I don’t want to focus on a specific country, I would really like to help international organizations that are making the difference, for example Labs researching for the vaccine or Health organizations that need a hand with their systems, I believe that if we organize as a group can create a momentum that will result in good things for everyone.

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There are over 200 labs worldwide with billions of dollars of funding already working around the clock on it.
We expect to have a vaccine in a year hopefully. We are also in the second stage of clinical trials for an excellent drug for it.

Fiverr have already started several campaigns before. Yes even I donated for a Breast cancer campaign started by them.

I still don’t know why they’re not taking this Coronavirus pandemic seriously. Fiverr, please do these things right now:

  1. Reduce the Fee
  2. Reduce the Pending clearance time
  3. Help your sellers (They’re not your employees but they’re a backbone of your business, (Yes I’m talking about everyone)
  4. Start some fund raising campaigns
  5. Help the community by promoting their gigs on Fiverr marketplace homepage
  6. Temporarily suspend the Fiverr PRO section.
  7. Provide $100 every week for few months like other marketplaces. They can select some sellers & help them easily :slight_smile:
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This company is not your mother. :grin:


They are and they are also a commercial business that need to survive.

Will you reduce your fees that you are changing to help buyers to buy?

Fiverr is oversaturated and fiverr wouldn’t loose anything if those who never made sales or made little money will leave.

Fund raising campaigns for who and for what? To give free money to sellers?

They are already doing that. Or are you talking about your gigs? They can’t possibly promote every and each seller.

Woooah, why would they do that? So you are saying that you need to get more spotlight than pro sellers? Don’t you think that pro sellers are also suffering during this period and don’t need a support?

Which other marketplaces? I’m using quite a few of other marketplaces and none of them rolled out that 100$ support.

Why only “some” sellers? How about all other sellers? What is the grietearía for choosing those entitled sellers that need help?

Fiverr is a marketplace and they are also a commercial company, they also need to worry about themselves, they have salaries to pay and less orders for sellers is less revenue for fiverr. Just an FYI their losses for 2019 we’re equal to their profit :woman_shrugging:
It’s on your government to take care of you not on fiverr


Do you realize that freelancers AKA ‘sellers’ are already struggling to make ends meet because of the Coronavirus? The UK and many other EU countries are already putting together rescue packages to secure freelance worker wages. Fiverr itself has just started contributing to charitable funds designed to help freelancers suffering from reduced income in the U.S.

Also, you know what has happened since the start of the Coronavirus? I have got bombed with people asking for discounts because they are counselors or fundraisers or people doing good for their community.

Ok. To do this, go and register as a charity in your country. Once you are officially recognized as a charity, reach out to Fiverr itself. In the meantime or if you are not prepared to go this route, stop trying to guilt-trip people into free or discounted work.

Stand by your convictions, practically put them into practice, and then come back looking for a free labor force. Once you are an officially recognized charity, you will stand a better chance of getting people on board with your project. Until then, you are pretty much just virtue signaling and that doesn’t help anyone.


I just heard that phrase for the first time today.

People have strange ideas about why fiverr is here and what the purpose of the site is. It definitely won’t happen that fiverr starts giving sellers money.

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Sort of, but not really.
Think of it like a blood drive. There are already reputable places a person can go to donate, but sometimes a company might host a location for a drive. While this is good of the company, by no means should they try to play doctor. So, if a company tries to do a drive without proper technicians, they’re not actually helping anyone. If they do try to do things properly, it takes time to arrange all the qualified people.

Fiverr doesn’t have the channels within the platform to take donations. Because they know this, they’re directing people to donate elsewhere.

As for if they could in the future, it’s possible, but the site is already buggy. Implementing more rushed, broken programming in an attempt to help, won’t help.

You mentioned Codementor. I’ve never heard of them. I’d rather donate to Red Cross.
We’re on Fiverr. I know them all too well. I’d rather donate to RedCross.

Edit: a few days ago, someone actually knocked on the door asking for money… **** NO!

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What about time from sellers that are willing to donate some actual work or provide discounts but in an official way, specially the ones that provide services like the IT, Tech in general, Engineering, Communication things, Translations, etc., I believe Fiverr just need to publish a form or survey so volunteers can provide their details. Do you think this will be difficult to manage too?

The misunderstanding is that we are mixing different topics here, its not about donating money, is actually about Fiverr doing some promotion or announces through their channels about the actual initiative of the sellers willing to donate some time or provide discounts, basically they will be just helping to increase the reach, don’t need to do changes to the billing method or anything like that, from my perspective is as easy as create News post to share some details about how to identify the sellers that will participate, probably we can put an image to let know the users we are participating, its just an idea. What do you think?

By the way, for the ones suggesting to create a charity, maybe you said that in a mean or sarcastic way, but I really want to do some help, so no matter what motivated such comments I’m taking them as positive ideas, so that paperwork will be started too.

@isaackrauss What are you doing about this? Any plans of your own?

Have you contacted customer support about your idea yet?

If so please let us know what they said?

For a long time sellers did donate work and time when chargebacks happened and we didn’t get paid back for those. What kind of free or discounted work will you offer?

This is an interesting proposal, and if Fiverr already had proven systems in place, I might consider it. As it stands, I already plan on donating my time to my local community, where I can see that I’m making an impact, and not have to worry as much about being scammed.

As for Fiverr taking leadership, I’ll have to agree with misscrystal in that there is much they aren’t permitted to do. That said, they have stepped up in other ways, and I doubt we’ve seen the end of it.
If the channels are available we still might see something. It’s still very early in this crisis, and I’d rather a bit of time spent to make sure things will go smoothly, then seeing mistakes made in the midst of panic. Fear makes people irrational. Irrational people do dumb things.

I think that is a very long run-on sentence. :slight_smile:
As for the content of that wall-o-text:
On the note of what is donated, no I was not limiting my example to money. That’s partially why I used a blooddrive as an example. I’m am aware that resources encompass time, talent, skill, labor, your very body (I’m a registered organ donar and I’ve already mentioned blood), belongings, intangibles like prayer and being available to just listen to someone, yes money too, and so on.
There are already too many ‘sources’ out there clamoring for attention and echoing much the same message. As much as extra exposure would be nice, I’ve already accepted responsibility for my own success and am not going to rely on a maybe.

I fully understand the urge to just do something, to want to help. But I also refuse to be taken advantage of again because I was too trusting and took action without considering the possible consequences. (Yes, again, but that’s private.)

It is late where I am, so it’s again time to log off. (And also because it’s late, I may have made typos, but I’m not going to proofread myself for once.)


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