Helping sellers for their levels


Hello All, I Hope you all are fine.
I have a suggestion.
As you all know fiverr has updated its level system, so now a level 2 person is not always level 2.
If h/shee will not perform well, he/she can be demoted.

But issue is that for a user who receives only 50-60 order per month, cancellation of 5-10 order can easily increase his/her cancellation above allowed limit.
Some competitor can easily invest $50 for 10 orders and can demote someone(buy insisting for cancellation).

So I think if there is an option of BLOCKING a buyer from buying one’s services so that they cannot buy services, this issue can be reduced.
there should be some categories for cancellation which should effect cancellation/order completion rate.
What you say?


This is a terrible idea. If you were a buyer, and you wanted to work with a certain seller, how would you like it if he/she decided to block your purchase, and refused to work with you? It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to police your interactions with buyers. You have the ability to make the decisions that affect the success and communication of/within your gigs. If you absolutely need to cancel an order, then cancel the order. Otherwise, communicate well with your customers, guide them toward a successful delivery, and you won’t have anything to worry about.


You are right.
But let me tell you that in very start a person came to me and asked about my services.
I told him that his budget is low and I will not be able to do that work for him.
He told me that when someone else is willing to work in this budget that why I can’t.
and then he got angry.
he placed 3 order and said either I deliver what he is saying or I cancel.
I mean sometime people can use this for revenge purpose.
anyway Thanks for your thoughts.


Report that person to Customer Support.

As for this…

…it would be a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and if it happens, it should be reported to Customer Support immediately.


Thank You for your thoughts.
My idea is clear now.


You are right at all. thanks