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Helping the new buyers to get idea of rates for their work

I would like to suggest a new feature to be added in fiverr.
I have noticed, sometimes new buyers while placing an order don’t have an idea of the prices for the services that they are going to buy. So this results in them to contact multiple sellers and after discussing the work they offer very less price for a heavier work or most of the time they buy a gig with the very irrelevant price range. The seller is in this way forced to work more for a very low price. Both the parties feel frustrated and which at the end results in sometimes cancelation of the order.
I suggest a new feature that will allow the buyer to let only top-rated sellers bid the order and this bid must be paid bid ($0.5-$2) because some of the orders need to study the project and it takes time. It will help the bidding party to get a better value for their time. the buyer will get the best price and will be able to buy an appropriate gig. Hense the seller will be happy to work on a project that will pay him the best price of their time and skills.
Now you will say that there is already the option for buyer request but the only problem with this feature is that it allows all the seller community to bid their prices. Some sellers that are not familiar with the actual work are bidding very low prices and this is degrading the real hardworking professionals. The buyer later gets frustrated because of these new sellers and may leave the platform.
My opinion is to allow only the best-rated professionals for this task and they must be paid for this too.
I hope this can bring a big change in the user experience.
It will make the workplace more efficient and help for all the users.

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Who cares what others bid? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Do you think I care that some sellers are offering $5 websites? They have their clients and I have mine.

If you feel that you’re competing with $5 gigs then either improve your marketing or step up your game. Offer more value to your customers so that you don’t have to lower your prices.