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Helping you plan your India trip - from a local's perspective - at $5

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Indian at heart - Indian by soul. Having traveled to (and lived in), almost all the parts of India, I can be a great asset in helping you plan your India trip - either a holiday or a professional trip. Right from the expenses to making sure to give directions on you basic needs - like food, shopping, culture-exposure and the likes. And given I have had the opportunity to visit a few foreign countries as well, I really know what tourists look out for! :slight_smile:

I will be of extreme professional and great help with:

  • List out major tourist attractions and stores/restaurants nearby that are a must visit. Food, clothing, decor - the specialty of the city tailoring with your specific interests.

  • Give you directions on how to get to these attractions from your hotel and back with all options. Communication gap with the locals can be misleading at times!

  • Include all important information needed (the cost of the attraction, time it opens/closes etc.)

  • Answer any questions needed before and during your vacation here in India via message exchange.

    I’d be glad to help you with any positive insight from my end and make your stay a memorable one - which is rather secure and very well planned! :slight_smile: