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Helppppp....... made account on fiverr. getting no order! why?


hi plz tell me that why am i not getting orders?


Hi, welcome to fiverr!

It does take time, also you may need to promote.

Good luck


Firstly, you should def be going through buyer requests on a daily basis and submitting to 10 people who have needs you can fill. Also, you want might to add some more gigs if you continue not to get orders. Everyone has different needs and maybe there is just not a need for what you are offering at the moment.


It takes a little time for orders to come for some people, so don’t be discouraged, just follow good advice from fellow Fiverr people, orders would come.


Hm, i jonined 10 days ago, and have 7 orders, some of them i already finished… I started being active like 5 days ago, maybe 6. So, yes, send daily offers, and i thing getting positive feedback helps. You can check my GIGs if you want to, and maybe make yours like that, i don t know. Also fast delievery helps. TBH, I really like Fiverr.


HINT :P, answer your messages to gigs quickly. I PM you questions to one of your gigs.