Hepl plzz urgent!


i have been DELIVERED my order but buyer REQUESTED MODIFICATION how i can cantact support ?


Reply to @fonthaunt: i workin hard for this order 4 day of works i can’t canceld this order :frowning:


Reply to @moufdi11: Make any changes the buyer requested when they submitted the request for modification. Then re-deliver the new product just like you did the original. If the buyer’s modification request is something you can do reasonably, this is the quickest route to a happy buyer and a completed sale. The second best route might be offering a mutual cancellation with refund, but I would only suggest that if the buyer’s modification request is too far above what you agreed to do in your original gig.

If you go to Customer Service they can force cancel the order, but then it will put a dent in your Fiverr records. I would save that as a last resort. So, in order of best to worst:

1.) Re-do the order as the buyer requested when they asked for a modification, then re-deliver the order

2.) Click the Resolution tab and ask for a mutual cancellation and write that you are offering the buyer a refund. ( If step 1 worked you don’t need to do this step.)

3.) If the buyer refuses your re-delivery and keeps asking for modifications or if the modification they want is unreasonable, you can contact Customer Support and ask Fiverr to cancel it. This is, however, a forced cancel and can be bad for your Fiverr reputation so it should be a last resort.


You an either carry out the modification, offer mutual or contact support through the help button.


no bro this 100% cleaned


You can also just provide the modification if it is reasonable. That might save you some time and grief.


thank you bro


On your drop-down box in the upper right corner of your screen (where you log out) there is a Help button. Click that and you will be taken to a screen with FAQs. Way up top is a line “submit your request”.

Good luck with your gigs!