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Here are some ideas for a gig

Tips for New Seller
Everyone will open a gig at seven
It has the benefit of being a bit of a hit and when someone goes to see the gig, it gets a rank and goes up.


What on earth are you talking about?




Making up bad advice here won’t help you make sales, by the way.

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I didn’t got you… Please explain in details with me @muzammelhaq

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He made it up. It isn’t true.

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So explain to I am wrong

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Check your inbox…

Forum inbox or messenger?? @muzammelhaq



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Or you could just fact check before you post things?

Your ranking doesn’t increase because you made 7 gigs and doesn’t lead to one “being a bit of a hit” --whatever that means. Algorithms don’t work that way and it would make no sense for Fiverr to run that way.

Making more gigs doesn’t increase the chances of having a gig be a “bit of a hit.” Success is based on what buyers want and the algorithm will always be set on what will help Fiverr reach their business goals. You don’t override that reality by making more gigs.

Sellers need to stop making up tricks to try to build their ranking and instead just make a business that people want. That takes research and value, not silly little tricks that accomplish nothing.

Don’t make things up and then ask people to prove why you are wrong. That is absurd.


Its hard for new sellers like me to get work here even at 90% discount offering.

It is a big myth that the higher the discount, the more likely you will get sales. It’s also a myth that discounts make sales.

If you aren’t selling, there is an underlying issue and making discounts won’t override it.

Don’t sell yourself short to try to get sales. It doesn’t work and will not lead to better work.


I meant i am ready to charge even 5usd here for work i get paid around 100 usd, in that sense i said even at 90% discount competition is too much here

I know. I’m telling you that doesn’t change the impact of competition.


thanks for the ideas.

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