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Here are some of the 80s singers/bands that I love to listen to while working


Hall and Oates, Pat Benatar, Russ Ballard, Roxy Music, Talk Talk, Samantha Fox, Sabrina Salerno, Sandra, John Parr, CC Catch, Phill Collins, Laura Branigan, Kim Wilde, Richard Marx, Duran Duran.

These are only some of my favorites. Please name your 80s favorite musical artist or track.



I have many. 80’s rock :smiley: Journey is one of my favorites.


Added Vanity 6’s Nasty Girl to my playlist. Thanks for sharing.



They used to play it on the local radio everyday when I was in school. I don’t like the song much but it definitely took me 10 years back and I loved the nostalgic feeling.


It captures the essence.


If you like the 80’s, you may like this. I was a DJ back then, and I suppose I never got it out of my system…it has about 150 songs on it. I recommend putting it on Shuffle and letting it play.





Great to know that. Thanks for sharing these 150 songs, will definitely listen to these and handpick some to listen to regularly.


Indeed it does. Those were some great days, only optimism about the future, no worries and the world looked so colorful.


Was looking for this song. Somebody uploaded it on Youtube with Miami Vice video; now added to my work playlist. Thanks to you @idostuff4u


Anyone who says they can work while not listening to Iron maiden is lying.


Ignore the visuals…