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Here are the 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Work on Fiverr

Hearing the new buzz? The GIG economy, where everything starts from $5 and stays in the multiple of 5. I bet you do. You may have heard about Fiverr from newspaper, radio, TV ad or little chit chat you made with your friend. If you’re making your mind to buy or sell on Fiverr and cannot quite decide it. This post will help you to decide whether Fiverr is for you or not. Here are 5 perfectly structured reasons as jawline of Robert Pattinson that why you should never buy or sell on Fiverr.

Fiverr is not for your lazy assorder-page-fiverr

One of the ugly thing working as a seller on Fiverr is, you gotta handle the pressure. If you’re successful seller, you may have to handle 40+ clients in a single day. And if you’re not a committed Freelancer, you are going loose your sh*t. If you head over to Alexa who has a matrix on how much visitors a website get in a day/week/month. You’ll find out that Fiverr has surprisingly 300% more visitors per month than any other Freelance Platforms.

You may quit your Day Job

Who doesn’t love to wake up at 9am, work until 5pm. Involve into office politics, your manager putting blame of his mistakes on you and you’re aware that your boss hates you. Working under company’s code and not being creative at all. If you’re a person who is “okay” with your day job and don’t want to involve yourself into something that will not only let you be creative but can also help you to earn some extra money which may even exceeds your day job salary, then don’t sign up on Fiverr. It may cause you to quit your day job.

You hate to be Creative

Don’t you just love it when you have to follow odd trends and systems that British created in 18th century, which are badly lacking aesthetic beauty and are no more followed by any modern company? Me too. Since obviously Fiverr is a creative service marketplace where we can find all sorts of creative and out of the box services. Fiverr is not for persons like us. We are good with old school systems, right?

You may Actually find a Talented Resource

If you own a blog or website which is constantly updated. There’s a chance that you may require someone’s else help to do some customization or fix it. But finding a right resource is often difficult which gradually leads us to get our own hands dirty on the task. After few sleepless nights and having over caffeinated body we may fix it but Fiverr may help us to save time and hustle. Which is bad because we are not learning it by ourselves, right?

Swag is missing, but it’s okay

Fiverr is all about finding out of box services for your business or for a special occasion. It can help you to add that “swag” which will actually make a mark in your business and help you to grow. But it’s okay, you can still grow your business even though you miss out to add that extra charisma.



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I can name 5 reasons why you should work on Fiverr.

  1. Work wherever you want, whenever you want.
  2. Build new relationships with people all over the world.
  3. Put unique skills to use that you otherwise could not profit off of.
  4. Expand your business and gain visibility.
  5. The sky is the limit. Creativity is encouraged.

    Fiverr is a platform that allows people to do what they love for a living. It’s awesome :slight_smile:

I second the comment above, there are a ton more ways of why you should work on Fiverr than why you shouldn’t.

My biggest reason is this:

It’s my first month on Fiverr and I started from scratch, no connections, nothing. I have already made over $300 and the orders keep on coming.

Why is this is a bad thing? Why is building relationships with people and helping them out a bad thing?

I get to something I like, writing, and make something out of my hobby which is awesome! :slight_smile:

You both are correct about this amazing freelancing website. I joined two days before and got my first order within first hour of joining. I really love Fiverr and its amazing community.

I Like the fact the fiverr is getting better and adding more ways for sellers to make money. The commercial licence is key on this and allows voiceover artists to work on fiverr with more potential so we do not all drift off to the bigger voice directory sites.

I hope they will continue to invest in more things like this


I’m curious, what are the 5 negative reasons? I’d like to read them. Personally, Fiverr is the best thing that ever happen to me. It allows me to work the hours I want, I’m finally the master of my time. I’ve had so many jobs where I was bored out of my mind, even when we got assignments they were often boring. I used to think working with creative people would be a blast, is anything but. Creative people are a pain, they’re indecisive, they over think everything, they constantly lie to you.

At my last job I was a Senior Copywriter and it meant NOTHING. I had no Junior Copywriter to command, and when they finally brought at junior, it was the creative director who ruled over him. All these bloody years putting up with BS, waiting for my ship to come in, and when it finally does, it means nothing. With Fiverr, all that BS is gone, all I do is get instructions, do the work, and deliver.

Traditional jobs are brutal, people. I saw a job ad that wanted people who are enthusiastic about pulling all niters. It’s the old "you sleep when you’re dead"

I don’t know why anyone would hate Fiverr, if you’re not making enough money, that’s not Fiverr’s fault. This isn’t a PC school where everyone gets a trophy for participation, this is the online world, and some people make $10,000 a month, some $2000, and some are lucky if they make $200. Go work a 9 to 6+ job if Fiverr isn’t paying your bills, I won’t envy you.

Why you seem so frustrated? Is there any specific reason for this discussion post?

It’s easy to become disgruntled if you don’t feel like you’ve become a TRS fast enough, but I make $2000 a month on Fiverr and it’s changed my life. That’s at Level 2 without being a TRS. I’d love to be a TRS and receive that recognition from Fiverr, but if not, that’s not my goal here. My goal is to provide quality service and make money to support my family. Perhaps Fiverr doesn’t work for some, but for me … it’s amazing!

Reply to @alliemadison12: AGREED!


I am level 2 on.

Somebody order a gig and agree for buying my gig… I am game devloper and sale my android source code… Oder open then i delivered the order. Then buyer send the cancellation request…thats mean if i cancelled the order… Buyer have my full source code and money refund too. I have nothing… 20 percent buyer do fraud like this so please watch

Now what to do… Tell me guys its new game… Never sale before

fragglesrock it!

Guys, I wasn’t expecting this. Someone from staff has suspended link from my thread.

Read the blog post I wrote, from here : http://fragglesrock

And You’ll know what I meant.

Sheriff’s note: External links to personal blogs are not allowed on the forum and you shouldn’t have re-added the links. Shortened links are also not permitted so your thread had to be temporarily moved to check and remove all of them. Your account can be banned for this type of behavior. The content of the thread is good as-is and you can paste in the blog article in the forum if you wish. You may not inlude off-Fiverr contact info or newsletter sign-ups here.

Reply to @alliemadison12: Totally agree with your comment. Fiverr give freedom for work in any where with worldwide peoples. Fiverr is a trusted platform and Day by day i will see more improvements here. :slight_smile:

Reply to @cgartgames: First, it isn’t a good idea to post your questions in a thread about something else. It may not get answered and it doesn’t make sense. Since it isn’t related to this thread, I’m going to give you a shorter answer than I would if you had put this in the Fiverr FAQ forum or another appropriate area.

You can cancel and lose loss of money/time, or you can refuse to cancel and take the risk of a negative review, or you could contact Customer Support but they’ll probably tell you to work it out with the buyer.

Reply to @cgartgames: Do what ghost writers do when their work gets rejected, sell it to someone else. Your buyer may have the code, but it’s not his property. You could change the name of your creation, upload it on the android market or iPhone, and see what happens.

Reply to @thebooklady: Wow! Only a seller for 4 months and making thousands on only 255(ish) sales - impressive. Way to up-sell!

Hi all, there are pros and cons…i recently joined to SHARE my skills and HELP others also get some personalized work done on few of my websites. I made a good order and a really bad one. The good one - seller gave excellent service and proper advice. The bad seller did not correct his/her wrong doing and just offered a refund. I just feel sorry for the other 200 people that got taken by his/her sales but at the end of the day, he/she admitted the wrong rather indirectly, and just offered a refund although i liked the product i mutually accepted and got on with it:). Lesson learnt! Be confident and also check on your products received with meticulous eyes. THEY are present and they will grab the gullible people. Instead of just purchasing gigs do more research and build towards that purchase even thought its $5, we all work hard for that mere 5;)happy days!

Fiverr IS awesome.

I have had negative and positive experiences. Just like anything in life.

I might have a legit reason soon. Recently i’ve been helping my girlfriend here on Fiverr, I did all of her services descriptions extras images videos etc and today her account is suspended because Fiverr support probably think that its me creating two separate accounts just because we work in close partnership i.e I add her services to my collection she adds to her collection etc of similar services and our videos look similar because they are both made by myself I believe thats why they may have through this although it is definatly her presenting her own video and me presenting my own. i’m aware of the TOS “Sellers who create multiple accounts and offer similar gigs from the same electronic location are subject to be restricted for violations of our Terms of Service.” and if this is the reasoning behind the restriction then can they not see that we are not together in the same electionic location or using the same IP Adressess. but if her account is perma banned and something can’t be sorted by support then i’m going to be absolutely fuming with Fiverr

Reply to @alliemadison12:


I second you. Actually, I guess moderator suspended my blog post link.

I love Fiverr as much as you do. Read this blog post :fragglesrock