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Here comes my full indoctrination into FIVERR.....thanks dear buyer


After spending three “great” months on fiverr, I’ve finally gotten my full indoctrination…baptism by fire, if you will.

Yesterday, I got my first cancellation from a buyer who was unresponsive for 2 days until his order ran late and I was forced to initiate cancellation. I thought I just had a bad experience but took it I probably just jumped the gun of a potentially bad client.

Guess what? I’m bracing for a negative review right now, and I don’t care no more. This particular buyer has placed up to 5 orders with me - not a single review. I just delivered her last yesterday, woke to a revision request (which I did follow through with), and then another vague revision request. Requesting more clarity for this second revision earned me a cancellation request. Perfect, just perfect!

Really, I offer two revisions - which I’ve never exhausted - and for the most part, I never even get to use the first. To prevent us going into a back and forth over revisions, I requested clarity (with specific questions). Next thing was a message telling me how to prevent further poor deliveries, she has assigned the task to someone else and I should cancel. So, my time and effort was what? A waste? No, I don’t think so!

Now I’m bracing for either of two things - cancellation by CS, or a negative review. I just gotta tell myself “welcome to fiverr!”

To y’all old timers, I’m now in ya league, alright?

EDIT: I gotta add that for now, the order is in limbo: double request for cancellation which I duly declined, and a confusion as to whether to re-deliver my last delivery (which will pro’ly earn me an awesome negative review - my first on the platform)! Really, thanks great buyer, it’s been fun all the way…

Et tu, Brute? CS, Chargebacks, Scammers, and the Greatest betrayals on Fiverr


Amen to that, DJ.

Keeping faith for ya, rainny.


I have an arsehole to deal with today, too! Stay strong in there. I am waiting for CS to respond, a bad review then the motherlode of all Imgur reviews if CS don’t delete a shit review done out of (already threatened) malice.

I anticipate this going in my favor, but it’s put a kink in the works while I gripe about it.

EDIT: I was also profusely thanked for my time and effort after producing “weird” copy. That tone soon changed…


You offer 100% satisfaction on your gig. That could be defined as to work on something until your customer is 100% satisfied (many revisions) or to mutually cancel when they are not 100% satisfied.

After your rating is less than 100% and it hurts your sales, How much would you be willing to pay (if you could) to remove the negative feedback? Your current order maybe less than the figure you come up with.


@rainny_writer (Mama’s Baby) cancellation is much better than a negative review ,honestly.


Hey, just cancel the order, and forget about it. Sometimes even our PM Modi has to lose a few minor elections, so that he can win the big ones (yeah, I am still in the Indian politics mode) LOL


Thanks to y’all, I guess I’ll just go to CS before proceeding with any action, although I’ve got a feeling this buyer has made the contact already.

@landongrace: I offer 100% satisfaction, never mentioned money back guarantee. By 100% satisfaction, I meant I’ll work with you until you are satisfied, which is usually after the first or, in very rare situations, the second revision.

Well, now the anger has passed, maybe I’d just let it go…


LOL…I’ve lost interest in our extremely dirty local politics. Right now, my only interest when I follow the news is to find out if it’s time to run away from the country. Until then, I care less what goes on in there.


Currently, my major anger isn’t with the cancellation itself - I realize that time would eventually come and would be willing to do so if I’m in the wrong. My anger is with the circumstances. I mean, I am willing to get you satisfied, all I needed was a little clarity. Then she practically tells me I’m too dumb to understand any clarity she might provide and will probably mess up her job yet again. For God’s sake, I just handled 4 earlier projects which you were happy with!!

My fear is, should I go ahead and cancel, what assurance do I have that she won’t give me a negative review on the other gigs which she’s yet to rate?

@emmaki, I think I need some coaching on handling stuff like this…


Well, CS wasn’t that helpful:

  • “offer a partial refund b/c you didn’t complete job fully.” It was 100 words, I wrote 107. Whatever, buyer insists it’s only 88 because he didn’t like some words. That’s not how this works, CS. They redacted that when I pointed this out
  • “itemize how you have delivered the work in accordance with your gig description”. A great gnashing of eyerolls was heard, and I did this.

Anyway, upshot is now the buyer (who has likely had what they considered a shit response from CS as well) is willing to work on the revision. However…

  • did not tell me what the product name was (this is the bone of contention was for the word count. Like, really?)
  • did not outline the issues with my copy (because there are none)
  • now has a completely different style of description requested.

Oh yeah, sure, I’ll write that. If they lose their shit again, back to CS I go. All of this for $8 from someone who just recently screeched at me about what a terrible review I was going to get.

Screw this! I want my relaxing Monday back! There is no real coaching for handling stuff like this. Do everything by the book, overdeliver (see last paragraph) and absolutely stick it in their stupid fat neck if they leave a bad review with screenshots of their behavior and a professional tutting in your commentary (use Imgur). Or cancel to avoid all this bs for peanuts and enjoy the reduced cancellation rate.

Here is a neat illustration of the choice:


What the fudge!!??!?


I swear all the really weird people seem to be a magnetic to you.

Everyone excuse me while I go laugh for 10 mins.


Well, now I know that the word count is v. important to him, guess who’s getting fluff everywhere.

I’m not touching this until I’m feeling less antsy about it…


Funny, my next cancellation will probably get me to 90% or less.

I guess I’ll just lie and wait for the rock to crush me, who knows, I just might survive it.


For me, about 1 in 25 orders are difficult. I just build the cost of that in my gig price. I at least feel a little better about it.
The difficult ones still get completed with the customer being real happy. If the difficult ones continue to order, they can be charged more and this aligns with my description. I also have refused new orders and this also aligns with my description. You can be kind by saying, "After reviewing your material, I am not going to be able to provide what you need for this project. Thank you for considering me and thank you for your time"
I have managed to keep mutual cancellations (after the work was completed) at 1 in 200 and ratings at 100%.

So for every $5 I make, 2 cents is taken for mutual cancellations. Seeing it this way makes it much less painful.


I guess you eat, drink and sleep BJP… :rolling_eyes:


You have to deal with one? Well, a buyer called me an Arsehole (obviously, he did not bother to replace “S” with “R” and wrote the word with full zeal and zest.
What happened is that the link he provided was unavailable, I messaged him instantly, but he replied two days after the delivery time. I told him that he was late, but I will deliver the article in a few hours. At first, he said that it was okay. However, instantly, he called me a (well, you know what).Anyways, I have reported to the CS now, and am waiting for their response. What would you recommend? Should I cancel it? Because he is spamming my notifications box with lots of cancellation requests.


Immediately cancel…


Are you advising me or the OP?


Of course you. I replied to you…