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Here is a bonus..! :) i will deliver your link with extra 10 million people! FREE

Hellow everybody…my normal link is to promote anything with 2,500,000+ real users…

if you are interested do not hesitate to order my gig… :):slight_smile:

Love from LILY :slight_smile: when you buy my gig… you will get my promised 10 million promotion free…!!

if you are replying from this post… plz mention it with the msg… :slight_smile:

Wow amazing…!! fast… :slight_smile: Recommended…!! Thank you lily

You said that you are giving bonus for free? and where is the free promotion?

yahh… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

welcome kathy92…

:slight_smile: Every one hurry… its limited offer

promote promote !!

Hurry guys…!!

Thanks for the offer. I’m sure it will help me promote my fantastic new logo design gig :wink: :wink:

Reply to @logogogo: Try me…!! :slight_smile:



What FB page do you use to promote?

Hi Lily,

Could you please promote my gig on your facebook profile…

Thank you,


Reply to @beckybee: not fb page but in groups :slight_smile:

Reply to @appliquem: it is come with my gig, :slight_smile:

hurry guys…!!

Be quickk…!! :slight_smile:

If you can promote gigs to that many people why wouldn’t you just promote your own gig to them? It’s gigs like this that just don’t make sense.

If I could promote a gig to that many people I would promote my own gigs to myself.

I do Promote… and here i am offering a service, :slight_smile:

to 25 million people or to 25 million bots? you’ll have to forgive some of us for being skeptical.