Here is a gig tip that will help to get you tips


Hi Fiverr Family

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Just wanted to stop by and say keep up the good work and give a gig tip.

“Tip: Always try to under promise and over deliver.”

Not only is this a gig tip, but it will also get you actual tips.

This has gotten me a lot tips within the last few days.

Hipe this helps someone.

  • Pastor Dre


Some Valuable tips for you

Hope This will also Help


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Pasror Dre,

This is the 1st time that I may not fully agree with you. I think sellers should deliver what is promised on their gig page. If they’re able to deliver slightly more, then, great.

If they promise x on gig page with intention of delivering xx, as a potential new buyer, I wouldn’t know that. I may overlook them and go elsewhere, because they don’t meet my requirements.

A repeat customer may expect that every time, thus becoming a regular thing = not that special after awhile.


@gina_riley2 Valid point and makes a lot of sense.