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Here is a hello from a freshman

My first day on Fiverr!
Dont know when I can get my first order! Actually I can do more than translations, but the seling procedures is so much.
Make friends with me, and I can tell you more about China , Chinese, our wonderful traditionalcultures, what Chinese young people’s live like.
How can I get order, can you give me some addvice?



Never Quit.

Hello @scarlettohara00
Welcome to Fiverr.
I am also new in Fiverr but I have some Experience. I have checked your Fiverr account. You haven’t created any Gig. At first, you need to create 7 gigs.

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That’s FALSE.

They don’t need to create all 7 gigs.


I see you don’t have any gigs on display.

Check out: for how to start selling on Fiverr.

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry for the mistake. Thanks for the Find out My Mistake. I am new in Fiverr

I understand that you are new here, I was once a newbie as well.

I highly recommend that you don’t give any advice to other users, until you know how things work and have actual helpful advice to give.

Read Fiverr’s ToS and make sure you understand them before doing anything else.


hi, I am also a new seller. At first, you create a standard gig. Then you will get the order.
If you want to collect the Gig concept then you are can go to my profile. but just I did it for your help.

Welcome to the huge world of opportunity.

Spend your time in here. Read article, tips & tricks. Be patience.