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Here is how new sellers can get their First order


I started working on Fiverr in 2017. I was not aware from any rule of Fiverr but at that time I know only this thing that I can get only order when those people who need my service will see my profile.
So here is what I do.
I just joined a few Forums and Fb Groups related to my service and start posting about what I am offering and why they need to buy from me.
I got my first order on the first day. After that I got more than 15 orders in my first month all by this way.
Just don’t wait for the orders. Go find the potential customers in groups and forums.
Please feel free to give me tips about how I can get more orders now I am a level 2 seller


Great and excellent tip! Will give this a try.


I am curious, :thinking: have you maintained your 15 orders per month in the 25 months you have been here?


No, Because I started getting orders directly so I just stop using fiverr on daily basis. I get more orders than fiverr directly from clients now.
To be very honest that happens due to the same method I used at the start. People know what I sell and I give them that services in less price which I offer on fiverr because they order direct


Wow! Congratulations:微笑:


If you were able to easily generate so many orders your first month by just posting on social media, my tip would be to do the same thing. It sounds like you already have it figured out since your title is written like a tip for others. Luckily you have a variety of gig prices from 10-100 or more, so if you can even generate 20 orders per month at average pricing you should do great. Enjoy!


can you share Forums and Fb Groups link with me


Excellent tips…Thank you…:blush:
And I am pleasure to ask one question. How can we select our service related fb groups and forums?


That’s cool. I don’t see buyer’s request though. I offer gigs on Facebook ads and I know it’s competitive but not really sure how to increase views.


I actually made 20+ orders this month on fiverr and generated a good revenue


what is your niche? I mean without knowing your targeted audience suggesting you forums will have no benefit to you


I am a new seller, I was able to get first two orders from same buyer however no luck after that since a month. Advertising on social media is a good tip but I have no idea how? My niche is data searching and M.S. Excel. I also do logo designing.


Amazing! I wonder if this works for voiceover services as I’m a voice talent. The groups we do have are more of a support group geared to help each other in our solitary worlds.