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Here is how to Rank your Gig/Gis

Hello All,

I have noticed many recent posts Complaining about Gig Ranking. There are some sellers who want to rank their Gigs, while some who are complaining that their Gig is De-ranked

Here are few words that might help you ranking your gig or bringing your Gig back in search in case you have lost it

1- Some niches have high Competition. People choose them mostly because those skills are easy to learn and most are trapped because they see sellers have lots of orders. My Advice is that when you select a niche, Selection Criteria should be “Less Competition” First and then “Number of Orders”.

Let us take an example of “Logo design”
"Minimalist Logo ( 12,249 Gigs), Modern Logo (13,116 Gigs), Clean Minimalist Logo (7,196 Gigs), Business logo (18,414 Gigs). These are all highly competitive Keywords.
I find it interesting when someone is trying to Rank Gig for the “Logo Design Keyword” that has 74,981 Gigs Till date.

If your niche is Logo design then try targeting keywords that have less competition. In my opinion, there should not be more than 3000 Gigs for your keyword.

2- Abraham Lincoln Said "If I had 9 hours to chop down a tree, I would Spend 6 Hours sharpening my Axe. First Work on your Skill. If you are professional and affordable, believe me, Buyer will find you.

3- Everyone on fiverr is not earning just because their Gigs are ranked. Send “Buyer requests”. Make a strong portfolio and learn to write a good offer and win projects. This will help you getting orders and when your gig will perform well, it will be ranked automatically.

Last and most important, Read point No.1 again.



I could not agree less, I got my first order from doing exactly what you said… I improved my skills while waiting and I billed client for the explainer videos cheaper than what other would have… So I totally agree with you.


Sounds Good :slight_smile:
Keep it up.

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That was a good advice. Thank you Faiz

That is a good advice. I will try that method.

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Thanks for the tips and suggestions!

Thanks for your great suggestions

Thanks for your advice.I think it will be very helpful for me.

Great!! post! Thanks for sharing!

This is a great tips. We should always focus our client satisfaction then the client will be repeated. This way we can also make our rank higher.

Mos important article. Thank you so much to share your experience.

really your advice is most valuable ! thanks.

Good advice, thanks😊

Thanks for your tips

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